I am a disabled/retired Creative Services & Marketing Manager and Consultant for Fortune 500 companies in the beauty, medical, tech, and other industries.

I’m a Content & Digital Creator. I’m a Spanish, Indigenous, Caribbean Islander, S. American, etc. mix. I love testing and reviewing quality products regardless of brand. It’s the quality I search for, not the brand name. My followers appreciate my ethos and integrity, so if you’re a brand interested in working with me, please know I am always honest with my reviews. I love reviewing technology and electronics, makeup, lounge-wear, home goods, appliances and decor, comfy AND stylish shoes, fashion, personal products and hair-care, which are my top interests. This is not to say that I’m not interested in testing and reviewing other products, so please reach out.

My Skin (#NoFilter):
My skin is combination (oil t-zone & normal/dry), I’m acne prone, which is why I use Tretinoin, and I have sensitive skin due to eczema. I DO NOT like products with trendy skincare ingredients like: Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Azelaic Acid, etc. I do love tried and true ingredients like: Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, AHAs (Glycolic, Lactic Acids, and similar), BHAs, Epsom salts, etc.

My Hair:
I have oily scalp, and normal hair. Trying to find the right shampoo, conditioner, and styling products can be a challenge. I find the industry focuses mostly on dry hair in need of moisture, but very little for the oily haired demographic. I also love debunking skincare, and hair-care myths.

My Makeup (#NoFilter):
I have porcelain to fair skin with neutral and cool undertones. I choose foundations that are porcelain to fair with no yellow, peach or strong pink undertones (and without trendy ingredients as well). I do, however love my concealers with a hint of pink or salmon, and I love pink, salmon, and green color-correctors. I like dewy, natural, satin and luminous finishes that look like “my skin but better” with build-able coverage.

Color: I lean towards mid-deep, muted, neutral and cool tones.

Eyes: taupes, blues, purples, greens, greys, browns, and black in my eyeshadows, eyeliners, cake liners, etc. I love mascaras that lengthen, give volume AND curl.

Brows: brown-black, ashy black. No red or yellow undertones.

Lips: blue-based vampy reds, mid-deep berries, deep purples, mid-deep taupes, browns, perhaps even some blues. I prefer lipstick and tinted lip balm hybrids with pigment.

Cheeks: mauves, muted pinks, red, and occasional nudes.

Contour: ashy brown | Bronzer: leaning red, but neutral. No orange or yellow tones.

Tools: I prefer beauty sponges over brushes with my foundations and concealer, and brushes for everything else.

I currently LOVE Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and other Asian makeup, Indie makeup, high-end makeup, luxury makeup, and good quality drug store makeup.

My style is first and foremost – comfort. I lean modern with a mix of chic, classic, rocker, grunge, hip-hop. I love my asymmetrical jackets, v-necklines, and my stylish lounge and wide-leg yoga pants with stylish and comfy shoes. PJs are ALWAYS lounge pants/shorts, a v-neck top, and socks. I also lean towards mid to dark colors here as well – neutral or blue-based colors, no yellow/orange tones.

I’m a PC and Android geek, a gamer, and photography aficionado. I LOVE testing out new tech for the average to high-end user.

Home Goods, Appliances, and Decor:
Everything that makes my life easier. My style is modern, city-beach, minimalist, and Zen with comfort for neck and back pain. I like greys, dark blues, taupes, white, and similar for my linens.

Fun facts:
I love type (typography). My go-to movies/TV genres are Sci-fi, fantasy, action, epic, indie, and Martial Arts. I gravitate towards chill, pop music, and East Coast 80s hip hop. I love tech, video-games (I currently play Lost Ark and League of Legends), and building my own PC to name a few things.

If you’d like to support my content feel free to purchase a product through my affiliate links on my website to help me out.

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You’re integrity is so refreshing. Keep it up.

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