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I’ve never cared for commercials and ads because of their exaggeration. Which is how I also feel about a few Influencers, and why I never wanted to be called one. I won’t “influence” you. I’ll give you my likes and dislikes on a product, and let you decide.


I have an East Coast potty mouth, and I pride myself on it. I’m not for the faint of heart, and although I have a very large vocabulary nothing replaces the impact of: fuck, shit, etc. I respect if I’m not your digital creator of choice, but respect my choice to be me.


I prefer one month or longer turn around time so I may truly test the product. Depending on the product I’ll give a one time full review, a first impressions with followup(s), or similar. Which in turn depends on the product, campaign, time-frame, and pay rate.

  • Contact me for my Media Kit and pricing.
  • Feel free to send me a product if you’re uncertain I’ll be able to give a positive review.
  • If I find it would intrigue my audience we can work out the logistics (pay, etc).
  • Time-frames of a month (preferably more), are most effective, and successful.
  • Immediate turnaround times can only be first impressions.

  • Allowing me full creativity, and to review unscripted as myself ensures success with my audience.
  • Allowing me to be authentic and sprinkle profanity in my reviews also ensures success with my audience.


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My Instagram is currently disabled due to their faulty algorithm.
So I have created another and starting from scratch.

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