Disabled Instagram Accounts

I’ve been using this app for about a decade. In September, I decided to start growing my channel, and started posting regularly in the last week of the month, and the first week of October and gained about 20 followers within that small time-frame.

Unfortunately, The Terminator (Mark’s faulty algorithm) decided it didn’t like this behavior and deactivated my account (and countless others for “suspicious activity”). The system logs you out, and you’re required to enter the code sent to your phone. If no phone number is attached to your account, that’s where you’re disabled. If you do have a phone number attached, once you enter the required information it states you’ll be back in 24 hours. Instead, it deactivates you for a myriad of false reasons even though your account is in good standing and you have no violations. After, requesting an appeal via email, your thrown in appeal purgatory as you wait months for the sole employee to release you from Terminator hell. Which can now take up to 6 months according to some. So you sit in limbo, unable to generate income until you’re freed. Which is wrong on all levels.

The algorithm now finds many of our human interactions as “suspicious” when in fact we’re only doing what we normally do. I was in a Live replying to those in the Live, and the host, when I was logged out of Instagram for “suspicious activity”. Another account I have was logged out for the same as I was watching Reels while falling asleep. Yet another account I have was logged out while creating another category in my Save section. All for “suspicious activity”. If these actions are suspect, then what exactly are we allowed to do according to the new algorithm (which I have dubbed The Terminator, and Meta as Skynet)?

Due to their lack of employees, many of us have not been able to reach customer service and have our accounts reinstated in the 24 hour period stated in the app. Please help.

I personally just reached 519 followers and signed up for a paid campaign for a product I love right before I was disabled. Many have 3k plus followers. We’re in the worst “purgatory” ever.

As Mark Zuckerberg is more inclined to listen to big brands who line his pockets, is there any way you can put this in front of brands and let them know we need their help in getting our accounts back ASAP? We can no longer complete our campaigns without our accounts.

Any help is much appreciated. This has been frustrating to say the least. It has actually stalled far too many of us from generating income on Instagram.

There’s a petition on Change.org for disabled Instagram accounts created by another user that needs to go viral. Please sign the petition here: Change.org