Caudalie Premiere Cru Serum

I have been testing products with HAs since summer 2021. I received this #freeproduct from #trywithtopbox last week (initially) unaware it had Hyaluronic Acid. It wasn’t until the evening (after applying it that morning) that I checked the ingredients list. I applied my regular moisturizer on top.

By the end of the day my face had a glow, but my entire eye area looked dehydrated. Which is what I’ve been seeing with every product that has HA as an ingredient.

Which finally confirms (to me) what several Dermatologists have been saying about topical HAs. I’ve worked two years to get my skin optimal with Tretinoin, I won’t have trendy ingredients degrade everything I worked towards.

My face is now a Hyaluronic Acid free zone.

The scent reminds me of my grandmother’s ancient decorative soaps. It’s a very outdated scent.

Thin, milky, somewhat fluid/gel-like. Gives a nice glow.

End Result:
Skin that feels hydrated to the touch, but looks dehydrated.