Mugler Angel Nova Perfume

At first it’s almost overpoweringly sweet, but then that pungent scent ruins the adventure or journey into what could be a beautiful scent.

Skylar Coconut Grove Perfume also has a very similar strong, pungent scent that I find unappealing. Being that both perfumes don’t have similar ingredients, I can only assume it’s the base alcohol they’re using or some other similar ingredient in their bases that’s causing it. Like other reviewers, I agree that it also smells a little vintage (70s-80s).

Sadly, because of this it’s made to feel cheap. I hope L’OReal/Mugler reformulates this perfume into what it should be and give it the base it deserves.

Thank you Influenster, and Mugler/L’OReal for sending me this complimentary full size perfume to test.

For those in disagreement with my review, it’s ok to agree to disagree.